The "Zinc Days" event is a major collaborative effort of the project to contribute to missions and goals of the project. This event represents an important delivery activity of the project. "Zinc Days" event is highly useful forum for farmers, agronomists and other end-users (like students) and provides very valuable basic information through oral presentations and educational materials such colour brochures/booklets, factsheets, various colour pictures of Zn deficiency symptoms from different food crops.

Presentations made are generally focussed on the following topics:

i) soil and management factors affecting availability and root uptake of zinc

ii) why plants need zinc

iii) soil and foliar zinc fertilizers and application methods

iv) zinc fertilization of selected crops

v) role of zinc-biofortified crops in yield and human nutrition

vi) role of zinc in human nutrition and health

Up to date following 15 "Zinc Days" event has been organized. The number of the participants in those events is also given below:

1) May 10,  2011 Quzhou, Hebei (CHINA) organized by China Agricultıral University (total participants: 235)

2) June 2, 2011: Ludhiana (INDIA) organized by Punjab Agricultural University (total participants: 185)

3) July 27, 2011: Chiang Mai (THAILAND) organized by Chiang Mai University (total participants:160)

4) August 15, 2011: Weinan-Xian (CHINA) organized by Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (total participants: 285)

5) December 6, 2011: Campinas-SP (BRAZIL) organized by the Instituto Agronomica-Campinas (total participants: 185).

6) March 27, 2012: Faisalabad (PAKISTAN)  Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology (NIAB) (total number of participants: approx. 450)

7) June 16, 2012: Mazatlan (MEXICO) organized by CIMMYT(total number of participants: approx 600)

8) November 25, 2012: Rudong-Jiangsu (CHINA) organized by Nanjing Agricultural University and China Agricultural University (total number of participants: 200)

9) March 16, 2012: Lusaka (ZAMBIA) organized by GART and Zambia University (total  number of the farmers close to 4000). GART is a big farmer association in Zambia  and organizing  every year in March a big farmer event to demonstrate on-going demonstrative and research-based trials and activities.

10) February 20, 2013: Bathinda (INDIA) organized by the Punjab Agricultural University (total  number of the farmers 60).

11) March 12, 2013: Lahore (PAKISTAN) organized Nuclear Institute  for Agriculture and Biology (toatal nuber of participants 250)

12) March 21, 2013: Lusaka (ZAMBIA) organized by GART and Zambia University (total  number of the farmers close to 4000)

13) May 6, 2013: Anhui (CHINA) organized by China Agricultural University and Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences (total number of the participants about 200)

14) July 31,  2013: Hyderabad- ICRISAT (INDIA)  organized  by ICRISAT (total number of the participants about  300)

15) December 26, 2013: Eskisehir (TURKEY) organized by Ministry of Agriculture and Sabanci University (Total number of participants are about 300, including 110 farmers).

Selected Pictures from Zinc Days: